how to train your dog with a clickerClicker dog training is a highly effective method of training a dog, no matter his age or temperament. It uses a specially designed clicker to reinforce positive behaviors. These clickers are available at almost any pet supply store, or can be ordered online. They are a tiny box, usually made of plastic. They have a metal tongue inside that creates a distinct clicking sound when pressed. In addition to clicker dog training, many other animals are trained with clickers. This includes pet cats and birds, circus animals such as elephants and lions and even dogs who work with police and the military.

The concept behind clicker training is simple.

You make the clicking sound using the clicker when the dog does positive things. If you are teaching a trick, you click when the trick is performed. If you simply need him to sit on command, the click should be made when he sits. Every click is then followed by a small bit of your dog’s favorite treat. Food is typically used because it is something that most dogs will perform for without having to be taught to enjoy it. Instead, it is instinct for them to want more food. This makes it a very good training reinforcement. Verbal praise or petting can also be used.

Ever since people first began training domesticated dogs, they’ve used food treats as incentive.

So what makes the clicker so important in clicker dog training? The key is that the clicker emits a clear, consistent sound. Using verbal commands, your tone and volume differ slightly each time. For a dog’s sensitive hearing, any change in pace or evident emotion in your voice can make the verbal cue hard to comprehend. The clicker, however, makes exactly the same sound every single time. And the sound is unlike any other sound most dogs hear. This is what makes clicker dog training so much faster than traditional training methods. Dogs quickly learn that every time they hear that sound they are going to be rewarded with their favorite treat.

Clickers also offer a short, precise sound.

canineattrainingThis means that you can reward the exact action you are praising instead of whatever your dog does next. Verbal praise takes much longer, and it can be difficult for your dog to connect it with a specific behavior. The clicker rewards a very specific behavior, because it can be delivered precisely. This makes it easier for the dog to learn the exact things you want him to do. Agility trainers and those who coach dancing dogs use this to their advantage to teach complicated routines or techniques. If you are watching dogs performing any sort of choreographed routine, there’s a very good chance the dogs were taught the routine through clicker training.

Perhaps the easiest way to get used to using a clicker and to begin the training process is to carry your clicker and a bag of 10 to 20 treats with you when you spend time with your dog.

Pay careful attention to the things your dog does that are positive, and use the clicker when this happens. You will begin to learn to click as the wanted action takes place, and your dog will learn to connect the click with a handsome reward. Your dog will most likely connect the sound with receiving a treat within the first few hours. Within the first few days, you’ll both be used to the clicker enough to begin learning specific commands.

Don’t worry, though, you won’t have to carry around the clicker and a bag of treats everywhere you go.

dogtrainingPerhaps the most misunderstood part of clicker dog training is that the clicker is just a tool you use to reinforce behaviors during the learning process. As your dog learns to consistently perform a behavior with the clicker and treat, you can transition to using a verbal command instead of the clicker. In this way, the clicker is phased out. You should continue to offer the food treat until your dog is reliable in obeying the verbal marker, then it can be phased out as well. This transition is typically much easier than you might think.

Clicker training can be especially important for dogs that have behavioral issues or who are resistant to training in traditional ways.

Clickers can even be a lifesaver for pets that are overly protective or aggressive dogs. Through effective and comprehensive training, these dogs can be taught to leave the items or people they want to protect, and to react calmly to previous triggers.

No matter if you are interested in teaching basic commands or if you hope to teach your dog to two-step, training with a clicker is one of the best ways to teach him new behaviors. It is more effective than traditional training. It also makes training your canine fun for both of you, also the bulldog puppy training.