When given a bulldog as a pet, you will instantly fall in love with it. What with the chubby features that many pet lovers find irresistible. Well, if you get a chance to own one, it is a good idea to get a bulldog puppy that you can train on your own. This will help you develop a pet-owner relationship that will make your interaction much more enjoyable as well as have fun while at it. This article looks at tips for bulldog puppy training.

Before You Take the First Step

Before you start taking your puppy through training, you need to be aware of two things:

  1. First, you have to persevere and be patient.
  2. Second, if you desire your training to be effective, you must be consistent.

Having these in mind and following them to the latter will give you the results you desire.

Get a Collar for Your Puppy

You need to give the puppy a collar the moment you bring him home. Be careful when choosing one because a tight collar may end up restricting breathing while one that is too loose may slide off easily. The collar in this sense is to make your puppy much easier to handle during the training sessions.

Designate a Potty Training Area for Your Puppy

Bulldogs are very intelligent animals and will take commands very fast. They will also adapt to a routine very easily. Find an ideal place in your yard early enough. After that, you need to make your pet get used to that spot. A few minutes after its meal, early in the morning, after every hour and before he sleeps, you need to take it outside to the designated spot. Leave him there for a few minutes to do his business. When complete, pat him so that he knows that it is the only recommended spot for him to do potty.

Get a Crate for the Puppy

You need to buy a crate that will hold your puppy. Make sure the crate has enough space that will accommodate him and some rubber toys. The toys are to make sure your pup does not get bored. The place you put the crate needs to be quiet and dry. As he gets bigger, you can change the crate for a bigger one.

Obedience Bulldog Puppy Training

This basically trains your puppy to obey your orders. This needs to be done regularly though each session needs to be short yet detailed. This will make sure you always have your puppy’s attention at all times during the session. Part of obedience training involves making your puppy respond whenever you call him or try to catch his attention. This helps create a communication bond between the two of you.

Normally, when you get your puppy for the first time, he comes with natural behaviors that, well, come naturally to all dogs. Rowdiness and over-enthusiasm are just some of the behaviors that may lead to destruction of property in your home. You need to tame these behaviors through obedience training.

Outside Training

Since your dog will not stay put inside the house all his life, he will need much more than just in-house training. Before you take him out to train him on how to behave in the outdoors, you need to make sure he has finished his vaccinations first. The outside training will involve the use of the collar and a leash. This is termed lead training and will assist you in keeping the dog under control at all times. Before you step out of the house, make sure the collar and the leash is comfortable enough for the puppy.

Being a new concept, do not expect your dog to take up the idea of the leash and collar instantly. If you attach the leash and the dog does not walk around by itself, try to coax him gently so that he can walk beside you or behind you. You should never force the puppy to walk by pulling on the leash because this will give your pup a negative image about the leash. One of the most important components of bulldog puppy training is rewarding your puppy. The reward doesn’t have to be physical; some praise will just do the trick. For example, take time to carry or pat your puppy whenever he follows you properly.

Be in Agreement With All Family Members

When you are training your dog, you need to be in agreement with all the members of the family. As you teach your puppy to respond to several commands, you need to update your family members the new command so that there is no confusion. You can take turns training the puppy so that he gets used to every person in the home.

Bulldog puppy training is not easy; this is why you need to have all the patience and perseverance mentioned earlier. You need to make sure you give your puppy both inside and outside training. The training will enable your puppy to know how to behave while in the home and outside the home. Training will also protect the dog in such a way that they will not wander out of the house on their own. You will also get a pet that will satisfy your pet needs fully as well as have fun while doing it! Here go back to our Blog and read more interesting stories.